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Unit 5 Brianley Industrial Park, 123 Mosaic Road, Silverton, Pretoria

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Carlies Traders specialises in the manufacturing of long lasting and value for money aluminium window frames. We offer a wide range of aluminium window frames available, categorised in tophung, sidehung and horizontal sliding windows. We aim to provide all our clients with top quality products that will last.

Aluminium has so many benefits and is therefore preferred in many industries, especially when it comes to constructing buildings or homes. This strong and durable metal is ideal for the manufacturing of window frames, amongst other things, and will provide many benefits for years to come.

Some Benefits of Aluminium Windows:

The above mentioned benefits of aluminium windows clearly show you that they are the perfect solution to your needs and with a trustworthy manufacturer like Carlies Traders, you can be assured of getting only the best products and best advice at a price that suits you.

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