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Carlies Traders | Manufacturers of Aluminium Sliding Doors

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Carlies Traders | Manufacturers of Aluminium Sliding Doors

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Aluminium sliding doors have been around for quite some time and with good reason as well. They provide various benefits to any home. The most important factor is the fact that it lets in so much natural light. Having natural light entering your home reduces your electricity usage, as the demand for light is there throughout most of your day.

Aluminium sliding doors also create the illusion of a bigger area, due to the excess light and the open feel of it. They also provide a nice all-year-round view of the landscapes on the outside, but more importantly, you can watch your children play outside, as well as be included in parties outside on the patio.

One main concern to everyone is safety. The hook-over locking mechanism provides adequate locking abilities and the shatterproof safety glass causes less damage in the event of breaking. Aluminium sliding doors also provide easy access, saves space and looks modern, sleek and clean.

Here at Carlies Traders we are manufacturers of aluminium sliding doors, amongst other aluminium products. Our sliding doors include patio sliding doors and heavy duty sliding doors. We provide glazing on all our aluminium sliding doors, which reduces harmful UV rays by as much as 98%. It also prevents energy loss and provides better acoustic insulation.

An aluminium sliding door is the perfect solution to any home and you can be assured that Carlies Traders will provide you with the best quality products and services at competitive prices.

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